Recruitment Services

Putting together the perfect team is an investment that goes a long way in ensuring the success of your company. To handpick every employee and ensure that the equilibrium at the workplace is maintained at all times requires skill and tact.

When you assign this responsibility to Growth Consulting you can rest assured that your organisation will be equipped with a high performance workforce. Our experience of more than a decade coupled with specific industry expertise give us the competence to meet the most challenging of assignments. We understand every employer's individual need and closely match it with our profile of candidate.

Whether you need to recruit an entire team of specialists or have a vacancy in the upper management of the company, we have the aptitude to scout Talent by industry, vertical, skill set, experience and location.

As you’d expect, we have an excellent track record in understanding the qualifications required and then sourcing the very best candidates from the widest possible pool. What’s more, we know that importance 'cultural fit' has in ensuring long-term engagement.

Recuirement Process Diagram

We strictly adhere to client's instructions at every stage of the recruitment and deploy the candidates within the stipulated time. We are sensitive to client's requirements and keep their interest foremost.

We do headhunting for client organizations to attract/take Employees from other similar organisations also..