Psychometric Testing

Today's employers want to feel as secure about you as possible before taking the leap and making an offer. While your background may fit the job specifications perfectly, many companies believe that they don't truly know you until you have been through a battery of tests that look for personality characteristics and/or forecast interpersonal difficulties.

Some of these tests even try to measure problemsolving ability and determine whether you have the potential to supervise others.

Companies that use these interview tools take the philosophy that you are the contents of your CV or resume; they believe that lists of lab skills and techniques don't truly reflect the real you.

The term psychometric test can cover a very wide range of tests: ability, aptitude, intelligence, personality, motivation, interests, career guidance, and more.

Psychometric tools valuate the individual’s behaviour through questionnaires. The results are mapped on a graph which analyses this pattern and accordingly profiles it with the company’s work culture.
  • These tools enable the company to test the candidate’s personality and behavioural aptitude in a measured and structured way.
  • Psychometric assessments play an important role by being consistent and impartial and they can enhance the objectivity of the selection process. They are standardized in terms of the questions asked, the time allowed, and instructions given, which means all candidates are placed on an equal footing, making the assessment fair and objective.
  • Psychometric tests also are a source to check the thinking ability and the decision making power of the person. It helps in throwing lights on the attitude and the personality of the candidate. It is very important to have a healthy and a peaceful environment at the workplace, which can only be the result of intelligent and well- behaved employees.

These tests can also be sued for maping the existing work behaviour of an individual helping the company analyse and assess the individual’s behavioural aptitude. The gap between behaviour and the company’s requirements can be bridged through retraining and re-defining the individual’s skill sets and processes.

If psychometric analysis gives us detailed information about strangers at an interview, it can give even more compelling data on people we already know. By understanding the psychological make-up of our key business people we can do much to make them more comfortable and productive, reducing staff turnover and increasing their effectiveness.