10 Quick Tips for Getting Success in the Job Interview


Cover letter and resume gives first impression of candidates to interviewers and these tools brings an interview call. But finally the performance in job interview plays an important role in getting a job offer. Over the years we have given and conducted lot many interviews and counseled many job seekers on how to get success in interview and this article includes our those suggestions and tips.
Following is a list of ten quick tips for getting success in job interviews.
  • Know Yourself
  • Almost in every interview one question which is considered to be the easiest question – “tell me about yourself” is asked. But it is very shocking that many job-seekers flub in answering this question. By preparing an answer of this question before interview, you shall be more confident.

  • Prepare your Career Portfolio and remember the cases where you were excellent
  • Review your own responsibilities associated with each role you have performed and accomplishments in each role. In addition, also go through your educational history and make a note of your specific achievements you have made during each level of your education. Once, you have reviewed your both work and education portfolios, you prepare a complete career portfolio.

  • Gather more information about position and employer
  • When you would like to apply for a specific position in any company, get clarity about the position and company before sending the application. Use internet and your personal network to get the same. Once you receive an interview call then ask the interviewer/HR person for their expectations from this position and what to expect in interview. Questions in the interviews vary widely depending upon whether it is regular or behavioral or stress interview.

  • Practice the interview
  • Know the typical interview questions and write your own responses of those questions and discuss with your friends, seniors and well-wishers who can understand your role suggest few tips for improving your performance. Even, arrange a demo interview with friends or career experts also and then ask for the feedback on your performance. Remember to evaluate your verbal and non-verbal responses also. Consider video recording these interviews so that you can watch it at your convenient time and can improve your performance in real interview.

  • Dress Appropriately
  • It is always said that “First impression is last impression”. It means first impression plays important part in getting success in job interviews. . Even though your clothes alone will probably not get you the job, they may give you an edge. You should look like a part of someone who already works at the employer’s workplace. Apart from dress, personal grooming also plays quite important role is creating your first impression.

  • Arrive a bit early for interview
  • Arrive at least 15-20 minutes early before your interview and not very early. It offers several advantages including time for last-minute grooming, review of interview material and mental piece. It also provides some time to observe the work culture of that organization.

  • Keep extra copies of your resume
  • Sometimes it happens that hiring manager misplaces your resume or you spontaneously get invited to get interviewed by others within the organization and at that time if you have additional copies of your resume, you can give it to manager and save time. Taking along few extra copies of your resume is a simple, but smart idea.

  • Meet everyone with respect and a smile
  • When you are going for attending the interview, everyone you speak with matters. It is necessary to meet everybody from security person to receptionist to hiring manager with respect and smile. It helps to get positive spirit in our body and chances of getting success in interview are increased.

  • Excel in Interview
  • A broad smile, firm handshake and confident eye contact make a great first impression. If you don’t start your interview correctly then chances of failures are higher and you spend lot of time in trying to dig yourself out of that poor image. Once the interview starts, it is again equally important to maintain your body language and continue confident responses throughout the entire interview process. You keep cool and calm even in case of unexpected questions. If asked for your questions during the middle of your interview or at the end of an interview, frame your questions in such a way that it shows your interest. Don’t ask any question just for the sake of asking. Finally, always close the interview with a thank-you and a request for information about the next step in the process. Here, you should also be prepared to talk about your salary expectations if asked.

  • Follow-up the interview
  • Once the interview is over and you're back home, sit down and compose thank-you notes to each person you interviewed with. Besides being a nice touch, a thank-you note gives you a chance to reiterate why you are the perfect candidate for the job -- and to again stress your interest. Finally, continue to follow up regularly (and professionally) until the position is filled.