Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that society is a reflection of behaviour of each and every individual and the behaviour of an individual is determined by an attitude of an individual. Thus society is a reflection of an attitude of an individual party to it. Generally, these attitudes are developed at younger stage only when peple are quite young or child.

People develops their attitude from the learning they get from the surrounding environment including their parents, family, friends, teachers and society at large. We are of firm belief that it is easy to develope or change the attitude of people with the help of education in their younger age or when thery are child so we support JSK foundation who also believes in the same philosophy.

JSK Foundation is actively engaged in supporting the needy and meritorius students to fulfil their education needs by their "Gyanoday" program. Thus supporting the society and shaping them for better today and tomorrow. JSK Foundation has touched the lives of number of families comprising of adults and children, empowering them through education and employability and providing them a platform to learn, grow and lead better lives

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